1Do you offer swap free for demo accounts?
Swap free is only applicable on live accounts. We will not be providing swap free accounts for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Evaluation accounts since they are only demo accounts. Swap is not truly charged on demo. The purpose of swap free accounts is to remove the interest charge of real money.
2What platforms do you offer?
Currently, we only offer MT4 at this time.
3Are there any fees?
Yes! You have to pay a nominal fee to register and obtain your account details. These fees are used for operating costs and ensure we can provide the technology, platform and world class customer service to all our Traders. This also enforces all traders take our program and accounts seriously and use proper trading techniques and risk management methodologies while trading (as it is not free).
4Which countries are not allowed to join MFF?
We allow anyone to open an account with us except for people from the following states in the USA: Arkansas (AR), Iowa (IA), Mississippi (MS), Missouri (MO)
5Payment methods?
We accept payments VIA credit card, debit card and cryptocurrency. If none of these work for you then we can accept bank transfer as well depending on your country. Please contact a @? Moderator for details regarding payment through bank transfer.
6Why join?
Our program enables traders to trade without risking their own capital. Traders are rewarded for the profits they make on simulated accounts (that is how we mitigate risk/loss) while fine tuning their skills in the process.
7What address verification docs can I send?
You can send any documents that provides your name and address such as the following: – Bank statement – Utility Bill – Phone Bill – Tax Documents
8Can I have multiple accounts.
For Challenge Accounts: You can have as many Evaluation accounts as you wish up to a maximum of $600,000. However, you can only merge accounts up to $300,000 ONLY if they are live accounts. During evaluation phase, accounts cannot be merged and must be traded separately. For example, you can have: – 20x 10k accounts + 20x 20k accounts – 8x 50k accounts + 10x 20k accounts – 2x 200k accounts + 2x 100k account – 6x 100k accounts – 3x 200k accounts – 2x 300k accounts.
9Hedging, Nights and Weekends?
As mentioned before, you are completely in control of your account. Our traders are allowed to hedge, hold trades overnight and over the weekend. That being said, please be mindful of the uncertainty above brings and ensure you are following best trading and risk management practices.
10Free trial?
Unfortunately, we don’t have an in-house free trial at this time. However, we are working on providing this in the near future. There is currently no exact date when it will be offered.
11I got my account details and am ready to start!
Once you receive your account credentials (or even before), we urge you to go through our program guidelines. Ensure that you understand them before placing your first trade. Once you go through them, you are ready to take your first trade!

Trading is fun. When you win, you love it.
When you lose, you learn it.

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